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, and he applies the brakes or uses the steering wheel to avoid the accident. >> host: why are you up here on capitol hill? what's the importance of showing this to politicians? >> guest: first of all, we think today everyone is distracted driving. we want people to be safer, we want to expose our -- [inaudible] to capitol hill. we think there are many people who can leverage that technology in order to help us save lives, to help us spread the word out there and to, you know, the families and the drivers -- >> host: is mobileye yet available? >> guest: mobileye is available for the consumers. right now we are working with several retail chains, and we are getting more and more into the retail market, and definitely. anyone who wants the system can e-mail us at, we'll hook him up with an installer. >> host: isaac litman is the ceo of mobileye here at the consumer electronics show in washington. stephanie lundberg is with the ford motor company, and you have a display here at the consumer electronics show. why is ford at this tech show? >> guest: essentially, ford is a technolo
at the use of domestic drums. republican senator tom coburn on the anti-tax pledge signed by many gop members of congress. >> it was about those men and women who are almost mortally injured and more. who because of the huge advances that have been made and medical trauma treatment over the last 10 years, now they are being saved. an incredible number of being saved. almost everybody who follows on the battlefield is being saved. i wanted to write about what life was like for these people. i started out with the question having seen some people who were pretty, pretty gruesomely maimed , wouldn't it be better off if they were dead? .we wish that they were dead? >> the senate education committee heard from college presidents today about ways to control tuition costs. educators are michigan, iowa, indiana and florida testified from us two hours. >> senate committee on health education committee and labour pensions will come to order. as we approach the start of the academic year, many students and families are struggling to pay the estimated cost of college. during the difficult economic times,
be nationalized? here are the numbers to call -- you can also find us online. send us a tweet. or e-mail us -- "the new york times" has an piece today that says -- we would like to hear what you think about that. let's continue reading. some economists had a surprisingly different take it comes to the big fish in the economic pond. some found only way to preserve competition was to nationalize. this notion seems counterintuitive. this is a question a lot of newspapers, economists, and politicians asked back in 2009 when the economic crisis hit. now we're revisiting it, especially in the wake of the libor scandal in the uk. "forbes."e picece from when we look at the question of nationalization and what it means, what about to the archives and see what the questions were from 2008. in this article looks at what it means. and it means giving the government the power to control banks. this could mean taking control of the public shares to the power to pick and install new leadership at the bank. let's go back to the o"new york times" op ed piece that says basically of the barclays interest-rate
a special interest and relationship to south of the border. many of us have familial relationships. some recent, some past culture language. and i don't believe that this country has ever really focused on these attributes that could be a benefit to the united states coming and why today i think the timing couldn't be better. the growth of the latino community in the united states is the largest minority group in the united states. its voting power has been increasing tremendously and i do think that looking at south of the border there are opportunities, positive opportunities that benefit this country by a closer alliance and closer relationship. as an example, i don't think americans truly understand the significant changes that have occurred both domestically and internationally south of the border that would benefit paying more attention. as an example, the evolution and the strengthening of democracy in certain important large countries in south america and central america mexico, colombia, brazil. you know, we have cemented the space ideals of a space form of government, and coupl
available as the day progresses. but we wanted to make sure those of you who are starting your day with us knew about it. let's move to our question of the morning, which is about jobs creation. the number of proposals on both sides of still and the parties disagree about what the -- still and the parties disagree with what it is. let me show you a little bit of some of the stories in the newspaper this morning about on this economy p. this is "the washington post" this morning -- host: here's more from "the washington post" -- "new york times" this morning. economy remains soft and output and housing. data on home sales and factory production weakening u.s. commitment americans bought fewer homes in june than in may. manufacturing in the philadelphia region contracted for a third number of months and the number of americans seeking unemployment rose last week. we like to ask you, what's the most effective way to create jobs in this country? let's begin with a phone call from debbie, a democrat in philadelphia. good morning, debbie. caller: good morning. i notice yesterday with the outsour
's nomination, how far will he go to win the white house? will ferrell and zach galifianakis are with us like to talk about their new movie. wolf blitszer is off. i'm joe johns. you're in "the situation room." >>> right now mitt romney's on his way home from an overseas trip his campaign is calling a great success even though it generated embarrassing headlines at every stop. latest came today in poland when one of romney's top aides cursed at reporters asking questions. one of them was our jim acosta, who joins us from warsaw. jim, what happened today that the romney team sounds upbeat despite all that's been going on? >> reporter: well, joe, a senior romney advisor told reporters here in warsaw that mistakes do happen out on the campaign trail. but when asked what mistakes were made on this overseas trip, that advisor couldn't name any. instead the campaign says the world got to hear from a candidate who they say speaks from the heart. it's the image mitt romney has wanted voters to see for the last week. the gop contender walking tall on the world stage here visiting poland's tomb of the u
? >> definitely seen gradual changes as i'm sure you have. look, i've had to use my former cheerleading voice many times to get a question to presidents and to candidates for president. but i've had to do that more and more as has jim over the years because, look, i mean it's just the world that we live in from their perspective that with twitter, the internet, with everything going viral immediately, it's hard for them to say anything without altering the message that they're trying to get out that day. having said that, it is frustrating having been a reporter on several presidential campaigns, you're there, you're going on the bus, you're going off the bus, you're sitting through every speech. and you want to have access to the candidate to be able to ask them questions. and especially at the end of a trip like this where you're really going full bore and you don't have a chance to ask anything, that's what happens when you really try to ask. and you have to be careful of your surroundings, but you got to do your job. >> gloria, and i have to ask you, in the big picture, how important is this r
who kind of had been hit by like the aftershock of it and then kind of went running ast us.and two men were standing under a area fridayywhen a lightning strike knocked them to the grrond.the shock was enough to ssnd one of them into cardiac arrest, eventually killing him. he leavessbehind a big family. nine children are now missing their father because he was out here to have a nice afternoon.i'm andrew spencer reporting. the other man in the georgia incident regained conscioosness s emergency crews tended to him.his conditton is unknown. unknown.according to the "san antonno express-newss... the chances of getting hit by lightning in a year... is one in a million.the odds of lifetime... is one in city officials are hoping the recent wells fargo decision, ii juut the start of a housing recovery in it really take for those seeeinn homes, to give the city a chance? joel d. smith is live &pat aahouse ow, that could be the template for reversing a &plong trend of residents leaving ccarm city. gooo morning joel d. 3 3 3 gas prices have dropped nearly seven cents over the past slide
improvised grenades and three jugs of some kind of improvised napalm. they designed the bombs using a remote-controlled robotic device. we could hear a small blast outside here yesterday, and they also worked to preserve what's going to be used as evidence in the case against them as they continue to build that. last night, the fbi left here with what looked like a laptop and hard drive, and they also are saying that they have found evidence inside the apartment that shows this was calculated and deliberate both in the shooting and arming this apartment here with that network of bombs, melissa. >> kristen, thank you so much. undoubtedly, what we have seen since this tragedy as horrific as it is, is still some of the best news you can magiimag manl, that they could disarm that without further loss of life. >> let's bring in craig meeks and jonathan alter. thank you, both, for being here. we're starting to get to a point a couple of days since the tragedy where we can start to think about what it means more broadly. obviously, the president is going to colorado today. going in his role as pres
of chefs, first, the latest on the tragedy in colorado and how it affects us all. >>> good morning, i'm melissa harris-perry. today, president barack obama will travel to aurora, colorado to meet with the grieving families of the victims of a shooting street that turned a midnight screening of "the dark knight rises" into a horrific tragedy. 26 victims remain hospitalized this morning. 9 in critical condition. the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, a former neuroscience graduate student, is being held in solitary confinement, while he awaits a court appearance in the county on monday. yesterday, federal and local authorities disarmed the explosives rigged inside holmes' apartment, designed to kill whomever entered it. police have allowed residents evacuated from surrounding homes to return. let's get the latest from kristen dahlgren from aurora. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. you can see holmes' apartment behind me here, the one on the third floor there with windows broken out by authorities. as they were disarming those bombs. his building is still roped o
and will also give us cloud cover later on this afternoon. i'm forecasting highs today moving into the middle range 90s. for most of us we could see the upper 90s toward the south and he is with. over the next three days it is a code yellow weather alert day. we will have the opportunity for late day showers and thunderstorms. we'll keep temperatures around the middle 90s but the 7-day forecast gives us an opportunity for steady and heavy rain coming through on the fourth of july. we'll monitor that for you. monika? >> reporter: scattered power outages and signal lights out all around the metropolitan area. i'm going to tell you how many signal lights are out until they are all fixed. let's go back over to the graphic. if you are planning to head over to the beltway, and around town, you are going to be okay. but first, let's just go here. inbound on i 66, hov restrictions were lifted inside the beltway today to help everybody out and also construction from overnight was canceled because of the scattered power outages. the dulles toll road 66 and the beltway, let me tell you about the signal
is streetly out of touch with u.s. economic reality. believes the private sector is fine and the economy is headed in the right direction. the 23 million americans out of work could hardly disagree more. >>> if you have a yahoo account listen up. your e-mail may have been hijacked. joining us more is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. >> 450,000 yahoo users have been hacked. it was hacked on wednesday. yahoo feeling the heat for failing to take even basic precautions to protect user pass words. there's a good news hackers weren't as successful they might have hoped or thought. only 5 percent of the pass words were actually valid. >> reassuring but not for the 5 percent. >> the latest numbers and diamond talks to investors and analysts for two hours about it. how big is the $2 billion loss. they expect to put it at $5 billion also they want to know what has been done to protect it from happening again. and if there are any stocks or bonus clauses because of it. >> this is an senatoring story. they are trying to measure admissions. they might be hiring people to measure cow em
's going on in this case now. >> ed lavandera on the scene for us as he's been right from the beginning. thank you. elsewhere, in maryland, police say the fbi are now investigating an abduction with ties to the baseball legend cal rib ken jr. his mother was found safe this morning almost 24 hours after being taken from her home at gunpoint. cnn's lisa sylvester's working the story for us. what happened here, lisa? >> hi there, wolf. what we know is this all started about 7:00, 8:00 yesterday morning when a man apparently approached and went to violet ripken's house and abducted her at gunpoint. he then according to authorities spent most of the day driving around in her car throughout central maryland. and it was only until around 8:30 last night when there was a citizen in the neighboring county, in baltimore county, who saw a suspicious vehicle. he called it in to county authorities. and at that point it was that tip that eventually led to violet ripken being found this morning unharmed back near her house in aberdeen. she was however bound. authorities at this point are not clear wha
miller who joins us now that the letter inside spoke of shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. do we know, john, from your sources, have you heard why this letter wasn't discovered sooner? >> well, we have a little conflict there. what we were told by law enforcement sources earlier in the day. and i have to say, this has been made extremely more difficult than it needs to be by a gag order that's been placed on all of the investigators and the district attorney who's not commenting. so getting information is like pulling teeth, even in an issue of public concern. but to update that, what we're told is it was mailed before the shooting, possibly days before the smohooting. what the university is saying now is it arrived at their facilities services building on monday, july 23, that it was in the mix of mail there. and that when they found it, investigators were called. they looked atle package. they looked at a bomb squad. that caused the evacuation of the building right around 12:30. so it appears as pressure from this story builds, people a diggin
companies -- obamacare is a great handout to insurance companies to my perspective. you want to make us look like we're supporting the insurance companies. it was you all who went hand in hand with the insurance companies. you set it up so they couldn't lose. you made them regulate utilities. they're guaranteed a profit every year as a result of the individual mandate. it's the democrats who are helping the insurance companies and that point has not been made. you talk out of both sides of your mouths and that's a perfect example of what goes on in the book 1984. allowing them to do that, allowing them to create this regulated utility helps the insurance companies. then you say only they gain from the repeal. no mr. pallone. the american people gain from the repeal of this. we gain our freedom again. the difference between the liberals in in country and the conservatives is the issue of freedom. you and your colleagues want the government to control every aspect of our lives. we do not believe in that. we want this to continue to be the greatest country in the world and what makes us the gre
indication for two months. that means certain things, and what's interesting to us, we have been saying that europe was the key for financial stocks because -- if we had the confidence for 40 years in the u.s., i have beenble to play the fed, when the fed loosened up, we were confident that the economy would come back because people knew what the numbers were. not so sure that china comes back as quickly as the u.s. did when the central bank of china loosens up. >> so china is a bigger unknown. let's talk about this. this fiscal cliff when the bush tax cuts expire along the programs at the end of the year, and that will push companies to fire people. they will not keep the workers on. so what do you think happened? you have to believe this creates real volatility and downward pressure on stocks. >> i think what's going on right now about this cliff is not anything real. it's politically driven and ron has it right. the only thing both sides of the aisle have done is decide not to raise taxes, but the whole argument is disingenuous. this is the fax code and they play a head game with us
in mexico and what it means for the u.s. later, al jazeera english correspondent alan fisher talks about how al jazeera's english news network covers american news in the united states and around the world. "washington journal" is next. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] host: good morning, it is monday, july 2, 2012. right now you are looking at the shot of the pentagon in arlington, virginia, as we spend the first 45 minutes talking about recent changes to the role of women in combat. the department of defense recently opened up 14,000 military jobs closer to the front lines that have previously been closed to women. but critics are questioning whether the military have gone far enough. as we discussed those efforts of this money, we want to know what you think. give us a call -- a very good monday morning to you. we should note that congress is away from washington this week for the fourth of july recess, but it is still going to be an important week politically with the fallout from the supreme court decision a
, insert the following, section, none of the funds made available by this act may be used to operate or maintain a -- mr. frelinghuysen: i would like a copy of the amendment, please. reserve a point of order until we have a chance to look it over. the chair: the gentleman reserves a point of order. the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized for five minutes. mr. markey: i thank you. current nuclear arsenal has significant overkill that is built into it. our country continues to spend moran more taxpayer money on nuclear weapons. and even though the president and the senate have already agreed to reduce the number of deployed nuclear weapons. even though there is a growing bipartisan consensus that the united states has an excessive number of nuclear weapons and that the united states spends far more than it needs for a nuclear deterrence and defense. and that is why i rise today to offer my amendment to reduce the number of deployed intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles from 450 to 300. i believe that this is the soundest approach to both our national security and our econo
's ed lavandera is in aurora for us. ed, what do we know about this package? >> reporter: well, we're still trying to gather information on what exactly is inside that package, wolf. but as you mentioned that law enforcement official telling cnn that on monday police and fbi discovered a package that was apparent apparently sent by james holmes, the 24-year-old suspected gunman. now it's unclear obviously if this package was indeed sent by him, it was clearly sent before he was taken into custody. it arrived at some point on monday at the university mail room. we've also been told by hospital officials over the last couple of days this is something we've been monitoring for some time that there were two packages that were suspicious and were being looked into, one found in the mail room and also one that was actually delivered to a university professor. so we've been trying to nail down more information on this. and we'll continue to do so, wolf. >> what's the university of colorado saying about all of this, ed? >> reporter: well, now that the details have come out that this packag
, send them to us. >> dave: anyway, we'll talk about that later on. we start with politics, as you know, it's been on the campaign trail, the obama campaign going right after mitt romney, of course, and mentioning that they thought he could have committed a felony in regard to his time at bain capital when he left to run the olympics. the president on saturday staying on the attack in virginia and again going after mitt romney. >> alisyn: then it was interesting to hear the president spokesperson yesterday say this goal for the campaign. here is a quote, of course the president wants to have a high brow debate about these policy issues and what the american people actually care about. that's from general. you know, of course, people on the other side of just laughing about this, because how high brow is it to go for the felony charge of your opponent? >> a swiss bank account, or bermuda business or whatever. >> alisyn: of course the president would say these are all important things to raise, the american public needs to know, if somehow their prospective presidential candidate is misle
. and there are questions that remain. we're told there's verbiage kind of a pent-up, was the phrase used writings about shooting people. and that there were some very ruddment tear images in there of a shooter and victims. but the real question, anderson, which i know is what we're all wondering is a, were was there anything in there that was specific to the date the batman show or something else. and b, is there anything that gives -- that sheds any light on moti motive. and right now, we can't learn th that. >> john, stick around. i want to bring in james alan fox who we often consult with. professor, you say it's not unusual for mass murderers to actually reach out to people before actually committing a crime. >> right. they reach out in either a threat or a call for help. but it's not unusual for them also to send letters, timed so they will be received after the shooting in an explanation for why they did what they did. there was a shooter at the university of iowa who sent letters to the media, time when his rampage was committed. in arizona, same thing. frequently, mass murderers will send lette
to work with troubled teenagers. she joins us later. we begin with breaking news. al package from the alleged shooter found in the news room. at the university of colorado. he mailed it days before the massacre, addressing it to one of his professors at the university colorado's campus in aurora. it arrived days before the shooting but was not discovered until monday afternoon when police found it in the mail room. . they sent in the bomb squad, handled it by robot and x-rayed the parcel just in case. sources telling john miller who joins us now that the letter inside spoke of shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. do we know, john, from your sources, have you heard why this letter wasn't discovered sooner? >> well, we have a little conflict there. which is what we were told by law enforcement sources earlier in the day. and i have to say, this has been made extremely more difficult than it needs to be by a gag order that's been placed on all of the investigators and the district attorney who's not commenting. so getting information is like pullin
-- to illegal campaign contributions. howard brooks also pled guilty about using money to derail mayor fenltsy's campaign and eugenea clark harris pled guilty. >>> one day after prosecutors said a d.c. man had suffered a terrible injustice in a 1981 rape conviction, the justice department announced it's looking at cases more than ten years ago that go back decades g. march fox 5 first reported the u.s. attorney's office here in the district was conducting its own review after learning hair analysis sent innocent men to prison. >> we're now not going to -- not going to limit to any certain examiners but try to go back and look at all prior convictions where hair analysis was used to identify a defendant regardless of what the specific examiner was. to see if we have any integrate. >> paul wagner has more on in nationwide review. >> reporter: i'm joined by jim who has extensive knowledge in reviewing cold cases and has worked very closely with the f.b.i. over the years. jim, what kind of an undertaking is this going to be to review all of these cases nationwide? >> this is huge. this is fraught
rises" screening in arizona. "fox & friends" starts now. >> thanks for joining us everyone on this sad and tragic morning. we appreciate you waking up early for us. >> good to see you guys. a strange morning for me, personally. this is my hometown, aurora, colorado, where i grew up and went to high school eight miles from this theater. to see all this unfold in my backyard where i spent a lot of my high school, middle school years. >> have you been to the movie theater? >> it was not there when i went there. that area, that mall is where we hung out on a very regular basis and that's the movie theater i would have used had i been there today. this is hard for my state who still remembers every bit of columbine, very strange situation. kind of in a fog. >> i can imagine. it's wonderful to have you here with your input and your personal experience. meanwhile we want to show you the man who police say is behind this horrific movie theater massacre in colorado where 12 people were killed, 58 wounded. >> that makes it the worst mass shooting in u.s. history with people shot. many still in t
would draw a veto. the u.s. has broken a yet theher heat wavrecord, with first six months of 2012 now officially the hottest first six months of a recorded in a calendar year. in the last two weeks of june alone, more than 170 all-time heat records read their broken or tied. blistering heat and drought have fueled record wildfires, damaged the nation's corn crop, and killed scores of people. the fires have consumed 1.3 million acres, the second- biggest area to burn during any june on record. while the plants are facing the worst drought in a quarter century, drenching rains in florida made last month the wettest june on record there. as the midwest and east the respite from the heat, storms are predicted across swaths of the country. , experts have described the recent spate of extreme weather as a preview of the planets long-term future of global warming. you in arabic kofi annan says his reached an understanding with president bashar al-assad to stop the violence raging in syria. >> we discussed the need to in the violence and ways and means of doing so. we agreed in approach which
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, july 15th, i'm alisyn camerota, thanks for joining us so early. days after accusing mitt romney of a felony, obama administration says they want a debate on the issues. is this political double speak? >> the cost of government day. happy cost of government day. that's right, congratulations, taxpayers you've officially worked 197 days so far this year, enough to pay your fair share of government spending. >> clayton a clap for that? >> yeah, it's happy. >> clayton and like a balloon with that graphic. why the boss was shown who's the boss at a performance in lond london. ♪ that's springsteen? >> it might have been. >> dave: i'll take your word for it. i didn't see him. ♪ >> did that naked torso have anything-- i think it was spring break video. >> get to the bottom of it. the mini-van debate we had here on the show and dads are embracing mini-vans and cars and trucks as they get older. back in the day we used to get in the car or truck with dad, it was their-- >> office on wheels. >> clayton not anymore, kids have overtaken these vehic
in chief he has the obligation to help us to solve this problem. i ask our colleagues to please support this legislation. bring transparency. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from maryland is recognized. mr. van hollen: thank you, madam speaker. i listened carefully to what the chairman of the armed services committee said, and i didn't find much that i disagree with. we agree that we should replace the sequester. we agree that it's a mistake to create the kind of uncertainty that's out there, and obviously it has an impact not just in the defense sector, but also in all the other areas where our federal government has activities. but i would just say, and i want to make sure the chairman's on the floor now and has a chance to respond, he demonstrated some leadership on this issue. last fall, because he was asked this question, he was asked if he had to put together a plan that included some revenue, he said, yeah. i understand we got to make cuts, but i'd rather include some revenue than deep cuts to defense. in fact, what he said was,
. captioning funded by cbs >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney heads back to the u.s. today. he made one final speech in poland's capital this morning. >> critics are still focusing on controversial comments that romney said while in israel. jan crawford is covering the romney campaign in warsaw. >> reporter: romney spoke here earlier today and his remarks were full of praise and admiration for the polish people and their struggle for liberty. and then he went to see memorials dedicated to honoring that struggle. >> in a turbulent world, poland stands as an example and a defender of freedom. >> reporter: in warsaw, romney continued to suggest that if elected president, he would be a stronger defender of america's allies. >> i believe it's critical to stand by those who have stood by america. it is for us in this generation and beyond to show all the world what free people and free economies can achieve for the good of all. >> reporter: he had a receptive audience for that message in poland when tensions escalated after president obama told medvedev he would have more flexibility
. excuse us, for a second, let's live here. >> we had to clean up the drool. >> it was all over. >> all over hoda. >> i love that look on matt. don't you think he should do that all the time? >> all the time. right off the yacht look. >> and that tan on him. >> he's looking good. >> he looks great today, too. anyway, the opening ceremonies are two days ago. matt will host it with meredith. it must be weird for the two of them. >> because they know what's going to happen. >> it's a big secret for the rest of us. i'm excited for friday to see. are you excited for us on friday? >> no, i'm not. i tell you what, i saw what we're going to wear. oh, my gosh. >> tomorrow, we're doing our show on the plaza. friday. we're doing an olympic-themed show. >> we need you guys to show up for us, please. >> it would be humiliating if we go outside. >> if we do our olympic stuff with nobody cheering us on in the ugliest track suits you've ever seen. >> they are hideous. like the old-fashioned from the '80s. >> jane lynch. >> and pull them up. >> never will we be more attractive than friday morning. come
stood by america. it is for us, in this generation and beyond, to show all the world what free people and free economies can achieve for the good of all. >> reporter: he found a receptive audience for that message in poland, which has had a strained relationship with the obama administration. the white house canceled a missile defense system when moscow rejected and president obama told dmitry medvedev he would have more flexibility in a second term. romney was invited to poland by solidarity legend lech walesa, who after their meeting endorsed him and implored him to win. he also met with donald tuck and visited a memorial to honor troops and crowds filled the streets. >> beautiful. >> reporter: but the warm welcome was overshadowed by comments he made at a fund-raiser before leaving israel. talking to major donors, he talked about what he sees as cultural differences between the palestinian and israeli people that made israel more successful. a spokesman for mahmoud abbas called romney's comments racist. the white house saw an opening to criticize romney. >> one of the challenges of
, that mall is where we hung out on a very regular basis and that's the movie theater i would have used had i been there today. this is hard for my state who still remembers every bit of columbine, very strange situation. kind of in a fog. >> i can imagine. it's wonderful to have you here with your input and your personal experience. meanwhile we want to show you the man who police say is behind this horrific movie theater massacre in colorado where 12 people were killed, 58 wounded. >> that makes it the worst mass shooting in u.s. history with people shot. many still in the hospital this morning. in a few hours police will hurpb -- return to james holmes apartment to try to disable explosives and chemical devices left there. >> mike, bring us up to date. >> good morning, gang. just 27 1/2 hours since the shooting. 30 people still hospitalized, 11 in critical condition. still not much is known as far as what would have motivated this horrific attack. answers could very well be concealed in that apartment just about four miles, a little less than four miles away from this location, but police
, in some ways, it is not a problem. the ambush protected vehicle that they use in iraq and afghanistan, it was something that the hill prioritize because people were getting blown up by ied's. there is a proper role for congress exercising decision-making and imposing some things on executive office and institutions. how to deal with the rest? management, either. there is not a golden bullet that is going to resolve this problem permanently. something that someone will have to wrestle with on a case-by-case basis. at least my opinion is going to be that you have to hope that the governors i have already outlined are sufficient. but most of those things don't come into the budget. >> we should probably clarify that, you know, when people present in arguments, pros and cons, the majority responds favorably to both. so it is not that most people are carrying around a very discrete human of i think defense should be cut and i am looking for signs that this candidate is for organs that. it is not that articulated. it is more because they say oh, yeah, that's true, oh, okay, now have to make
. >>> "outfront" next, a french politician telling the u.s. how to run its economy doesn't add up. >>> and iranians caught with 30 pounds of explosives, their target supposedly were americans. >>> and a judge has ruled this pilot insane. >> oh, my god! oh, my god. we've got israel, we've got iraq. >> does the ruling put jetblue on the hook for allowing him to fly that plane? let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, ooh-la-la. france's most powerful woman sticking her nose in america's business. it is sort of her job to do that. christine lagarde, head of the imf, had a doom and gloom message for washington today. >> economic recovery remains tepid, and downside risks have intensified. what we see is clearly a risk that confidence be eroded. >> and she didn't stop there. she took on president obama, too. in fact, she called his $3.8 trillion budget, which he says will reduce the deficit from 8.5% to 5.5% of our economy by next year as too rapid. among her suggestions, more infrastructure spending, housing initiatives and further extensi
that means, but here to help us make sense of it is republican congresswoman nan hayworth of new york. good to see you, congresswoman. >> great to see you, john. thanks. >> you represent a hotly contested swing district. i want to read new poll numbers to you from cnn. when asked who would better handle health care, 51% of registered voters say obama, and 44% say romney. but more importantly, 65% of non-white voters would like to keep all the provisions in place. do these numbers concern you as a representative from a swing district? >> they don't, john, in the sense that i espouse the goals of the 2010 law. they're the right goals. every american should have good, affordable health care. and affordable health care insurance. that's not in question. but that law is a bad law. bluntly it imposes $2 trillion worth of bureaucracy that takes resources directly away from care. so there are smarter and better ways to achieve those goals. that's what i'm for. >> let's talk about that. you're a doctor. you have unique insight through your medical practice into the way medicine really works. >> righ
in cheek, everyone, don't get all bent out of shape, is it white? steven morris and gillian tett, u.s. managing editor of "the financial times." great to see you both. steven moore, it may be hard to take it from someone who is french, but, you know, she points out, we have a little bit more room, and when you look at that crucial ratio, maybe she's right. >> well, oui, oui, it is hard to take. she is saying she wants the united states to be more like france. we're at 70% of our debt to gdp, they're at 90%. she wants more spending more stimulus. there are a couple problems with that, one, it didn't work in the united states when we tried it a kippel he years ago. also, why would we want to move in the direction that france and italy and spain and greece have done. we should move away from that model. it's almost like the charlotte bobcats coach explaining to lebron james how to win a championship. >> gillian, i guess you're here to represent the socialist views of the continent. >> i certainly wouldn't defend what people at the french government have been doing the last year or two, b
is slowly improving for some. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live from bethesda with more. meg megan. >> reporter: it is slowly xwlooufing and people noticed this morning as they drove into work, but we have a major problem. here in montgomery county there are 240 traffic signals without electricity. we're here at the intersection of old georgetown and democracy boulevard. we have state police here directing the traffic. well, that's helped to ease the situation at this intersection. there are plenty of other intersections that did not get this kind of attention. people had to use their judgment and come to a stop when they came up to a dark signal. needless to say, it made for a tough commute for a lot of folks. >> there's no light, and it's just a mess. >> reporter: hundreds of intersections including major ones like randolph road and connecticut avenue were without traffic signals this morning. >> i had to make a detour off connecticut avenue p because all the lights were out as far as i could see. so, i mean, i'm just trying to get to work. >> reporter: police directed traffic in
of the tragic shooting in aurora, colorado as officials try to figure out if the alleged gunman used taxpayer money, intended for his education, to fund his rampage. >>> a killer whale attacking his trainer in 2006. a man dragged by his foot and held under water. incredibly he survived. we'll tell you why these images just released. >>> team "today" in the uk. with opening ceremonies a few days away we've all made our way to london today, july 25th, 2012. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," countdown to the olympic games with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from olympic games with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from london, england. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. my third day here in london during the buildup to the summer olympic games. we're standing here at the tower of london. behind me the famed tower bridge with the olympic ring hanging beneath it as this city gets prepared to welcome the world here in just a couple of days. now, savann
's side, but for ryan lochte and the u.s. men's gymnastics team, a day of disappointment. next up, women's gymnastics. the fab five's chance to live up to their name today, tuesday, july 31st, 2012. ♪ >>> and welcome to "today" and to london's olympic park on this tuesday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. missy franklin came here to london with so much pressure on her shoulders. she was labeled the next big thing in u.s. swimming. and so far she's delivered. >> and you and i were there. we watched her win gold. i had no idea you could scream that loud. >> you know, it's very exciting. we were sitting just down at the end of the pool. when you see that number one go up to missy's name, it's a great moment. >> it was so exciting. chenabed gold and set an american record in the 100 meter backstroke. this is the second medal for her in these games. and hoda kotb, who has made her way to london, talked to missy right after the race. she was eve therein when franklin reunited with her parents for the first time in weeks. we'll have that touching moment
to work on that. >> absolutely. >> matt, we've been enjoying you quizzing us on olympic trivia. got us thinking how well do you know your olympics. a question for you. what is the olympic -- >> you know what, can i interrupt for a second. >> no. >> no, no, nastia liukin has a wardrobe malfunction, i'm going to have to go. >> wow. >> no, no, no, mr. lauer. >> all right. go ahead. give it your best shot. >> what is the olympic motto in latin, please. >> in latin. >> higher, faster, stronger. >> that's called english. >> i have no idea in latin. highere, strongere. >> no, if you'd studied you'd find it on 32. i have my book. >> when was it introduced actually. that's another good question, which olympics? >> when was what, the motto introduced? >> the motto. >> the motto, today's first family was introduced back in 1992, i believe. >> it is swifter, faster, stronger. >> you're right, it is. it is. >> swifter, faster, stronger. >> all right. swiftly take it back to new york. >> kind of a letdown because he knew the motto. it's annoying. >> we'll stump him. >> we'll check in later. meantime
. >>> joing us in the studio, nicole eustis the thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. it's a pleasure to be here. >> you write the war needs to be considered as much of a culture event as a military event. what do you mean by that? >> one of the things that makes it significant is that it's the first war which was formally declared through a "constitutioco constitutional process. that makes it fascinating to think about if the public has a say in this war because there is a president who is elected and this is a democracy and he's answerable to the public. >> that term, passions of patriotism, what does that mean to you. if you think about it, passion of patriotism, what are the emotions that are underneath patriotism? in the era of 1812 people were very interested in passion and they were interested in passion for two reasons. they thought passions were what really kind of stirred the soul and motivated people to take action and take forceful action. so if you were going to be an effective patriot you had to be a passionate patriot. at the same time the war of 1812 was v
to a very strong and swift statement from the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan, general john allen who said quote let's be clear this was injustice. this was murder and atrocity of unspeakable cruelty and the taliban's continued brutality toward innocent civilians particularly women must be condemned in the strongest terms and too much progress made by too many brave afghans. this under scores the deeper concerns and growing issue of what will happen to afghan women once u.s. and nato troops leave and the taliban perhaps reassert control in some areas. >> very disturbing. thanks so much. how common is this? a former political officer to the united nations mission to afghanistan and a professor of south asian affairs at georgetown joining us from washington. this videotape was one thing. if you have wonder is this an anomaly or common place in afghanistan? >> i guess i would like to expand the context of this a little bit. with absolute agreement that the taliban are savages. i think there is a tendency to look at this and say this is something that only the taliban do. this is some
, july 17th. looking at the u.s. capitol dome on what will be another hot day. temperatures already in the 80s around here in this area. so that tells us something. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news and time now to talk about weather. we bring in tucker barnes. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it is warm. temperatures overnight only falling back right now at # 1 -- at 81 degrees at reagan national. >> i heard you say earlier that a possible record? >> we are expecting highs in the upper 90s to about 100 and the record is 102. >> you told me the humidity won't be as bad today as it will be tomorrow. >> if we can take any consolation prize, the humidity won't be terrible today. it will be more unpleasant tomorrow. >> okay. i'll try to enjoy that. >> let's get right to it. i just gave away my headline there. temperature 81 at reagan national. humidity, 65%. look at your sentinel radar, we are nice and quiet. not expecting rain showers today. just a few of those high clouds called cirrus clouds moving through a little later thi
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